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Shawnee Locksmith Explains the Necessity of Changing Locks When Moving Into a New House

While moving into a new house, you should always keep in mind that the former occupants of the house may have the duplicates of the keys that can enable them to access your new house. To enhance the security of your new house, Shawnee Locksmith suggests that you should either re-key or change the locks of your new house without fail. According to Shawnee locksmith, altering the locks of your new house will help secure your house extensively.

In this article, Shawnee Locksmith discusses the importance of changing locks when you move into a new house.

According to Shawnee locksmith, even if you rent a house, you should ensure that only you and your family members should have access to the keys to your house. Shawnee Locksmith suggests that while you rent a house, the landlord is generally responsible for altering locks between the tenants. Shawnee Locksmith offers the following suggestion to tenants to ensure the safety and security of their new house:

  • Shawnee Locksmith recommends that tenants should speak with their landlords and find out who will have access to your rented house or apartment other than maintenance staff.
  • Shawnee Locksmith asserts that landlords usually prefer keeping a spare key to their rented property for emergency situations.
  • Shawnee Locksmith recommends that you should never change the locks of your rented house without seeking the permission of your landlord.
  • Shawnee Locksmith suggests that if you are moving into a townhouse or condo, it is necessary to seek the permission of the condo association representative before altering the locks.

According to Shawnee locksmith, even if you are a homeowner, you should change the locks as soon as you move into a newly bought home. Shawnee Locksmith says that even though changing locks and rekeying is a daunting task, you should never step back from this responsibility as it ensures the security of your house.

Shawnee Locksmith emphasizes on the importance of changing locks by a qualified locksmith as to make your new house secure and to ensure your privacy. According to Shawnee locksmith, while moving to a new house, the most essential areas that you should secure are as follows:

  • Exterior doors;
  • Front Door;
  • Garage door;
  • Back door;
  • Basement door; and
  • The door that connects your home to the garage.

According to Shawnee locksmith, burglars generally target these entry points while intruding your house; therefore,these points should be properly secured with heavy duty locks.The soaring incidents of theft and burglary throughout the U.S. make it highly important for homeowners as well as renters to take the pain of changing old locks while moving into a new house. Shawnee Locksmithsuggests homeowners and renters to install deadbolt locks to ensure maximum security.

Thus,Shawnee Locksmithadvises that if you are moving into a new house, changing the locks of your house should be the first thing that you should do. In order to install new locks, you may contact Shawnee Locksmithto get your work done flawlessly.Shawnee Locksmithis qualified in installing new locks as well as in rekeying.Many homeowners as well as tenants count on Shawnee Locksmith to avail the best security service for their home.